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Fragment of the Lintel from the Tomb of Iniuia and Iuy

A work made of limestone, pigment.
CC0 Public Domain Designation

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  • A work made of limestone, pigment.


New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, reign of Tutankhamun (about 1336–1327 BCE)


Egyptian; Saqqara

About this artwork

This fragment of a doorway portrays the owners of the tomb, Iniuia and Yui, adoring two seated gods whose knees are drawn up under their garments. Osiris, the main deity of the afterlife, wears a tall, plumed crown. His sister/wife, the goddess Isis, holds the hieroglyph for life (ankh) on her knee.

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Ancient and Byzantine Art


Ancient Egyptian


Fragment of the Lintel from the Tomb of Iniuia and Iuy




Made 1336 BC–1327 BC


Limestone, pigment


"Giving praise to Osiris, kissing the earth to Wennofer (an epithed of Osiris). May he give sweet breath to the scribe of the silver- and gold-treasury of the lord of the Two Lands, Inyuya, deceased (and) his sister (and wife), the house-mistress Yui, favored of Hathor the mistress of the sycamore."


24.8 × 71.1 × 10.8 cm (9 3/4 × 28 × 2 1/8 in.)

Credit Line

Gift of Henry H. Getty, Charles L. Hutchinson, and Robert H. Fleming

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