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Detail image of a charcoal sketch of a man's hands, 1991.126 Detail image of a charcoal sketch of a man's hands, 1991.126



Ignite imagination and spark learning by staying connected to the power of art.

A woman in a gray shirt holds up a drawing to a window.

The Ryan Learning Center is open once again, and has been transformed into an even more accessible, inclusive, and creative space for all ages and abilities.

Learn more about our current offerings in the Ryan Learning Center.

This video offers an overview of the various resources available for both students and educators on the museum’s website.


“Students saw how works of art from the past and from different cultures can be relevant to their own experiences.”

–Chicago Public School teacher

“Being part of [the American Sources] program I was inspired when I, as a teacher, learned about Train Station and saw it hanging in the gallery of the Art Institute. As a teacher, this is a nice reminder of how exciting it is to be a learner, and I hope my students experience the same sense of awe and fascination and questions when they see the art during their tour at the museum.”

–Chicago Public School teacher

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