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Discover works of art, participate in lively group discussions, and apply critical and creative thinking skills in new contexts.
A student stands in front of a docent and other students and uses her hands to demonstrate her reaction to a work of art.

Exciting changes are coming to the Ryan Learning Center next year. 

For ten years, the Ryan Learning Center (RLC) has been a space for art making and participatory learning for school children, teachers, families, and teens—but we know it can do more! Starting in January 2020, we’ll be renovating the RLC to make it an even more accessible and inclusive space for all audiences.

Be aware that some parts of the RLC will be closed this winter and spring, which will impact our capacity. If you can, we recommend you book your visit with us this fall.

To make your visit a success, follow these steps:

  • Browse our tour options below to find the right experience for you and your students
  • Request your tour using our Student Tour Application at least two weeks in advance of your preferred date
  • Review our FAQs and Resources below for helpful tips and information

Contact us at (312) 443-3907 or if you have questions or cannot find what you need.


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