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Press Releases from 1994


Press releases from 1994

To obtain the full text of any news releases in this index, please contact the Institutional Archives at or (312) 443-4777.

January 1994

Monthly Calendar

Graphic Tours: Travel and 19th Century: French Works on Paper, exhibition 235, 245-247

Edvard Munch and Alban Berg Exhibition 235, 248-250

Recent Acquisitions: 20th Century Works on Paper in the Department of Prints and Drawings, exhibition 235

New and continuing exhibitions, public programs, and lectures 235-240

Martin Luther King, Jr., program 240

January 4, 1994

Correction for African American History Month programs 241

January 6, 1994

Museum Studies (v. 19, no. 2), AIC periodical surveying museum acquisitions since 1980 selected by AIC Director and President James N. Wood with essays by editor of Publication Department Margherita Andreotti and Museum curators Ghenette Zelleke, David Travis, and James Ulak 242-244

January 24, 1994

Graphic Tours: Travel and 19th Century French Works on Paper, exhibition coordinated by curator of Prints and Drawings Martha Tedechi and research assistant Jay Clarke in collaboration with Northwestern University students granted by the Andrew W. Mellon Program in art objects and museum internship 245-247; Ed Paschke, department chairman at Northwestern University, Chicago 247

January 25, 1994

Violent Passions: Edvard Munch and Alban Berg, Lyric Opera of Chicago production in association with exhibition at AIC 235, 248-250

Museum shop, Valentine’s Day gift ideas 251-254; the Hodge Collection of valentines in Prints and Drawings Department, facsimiles 251; first American valentine card, adaptation from the 1849 original 251

February 1994

Monthly Calendar

With Open Eyes: Images from the Art Institute, AIC laser disc publication and interactive exhibition 255, 268-270

Exhibition of Daniel Libeskind and The Jewish Museum in Berlin 255

The Drawings of Joseph Beuys, exhibition 255, 261-267

Continuing exhibitions, public programs, and lectures 256-260

Chicago Symphony Chamber Music Series at AIC 257

February 4, 1994

Thinking is Form: the Drawings of Joseph Beuys 255, 261-267; exhibition venues 264; the artist’s visit to Chicago and SAIC in 1974, 266-267

With Open Eyes: A Multimedia Exploration of Art, AIC electronic publication, demonstration and contents 255, 268-270

February 15, 1994

The Lila Wallace-Reader’s Digest Fund, grant for African Arts collection; remarks by AIC Director and President James N. Wood 271-273

March 1994

Monthly Calendar

Textile Acquisitions from 1988-1992, 274, 290-292, 380

Continuing exhibitions, public programs, and lectures 274-279

March 4, 1994

Retrospective exhibitions of Odilon Redon and Goya 280-283

March 14, 1994

Lessons from Life: Photographic Works from the Boardroom Collection of Martin Edelston, exhibition and gift of the collection; remarks by AIC Director and President James N. Wood 274, 284-286 

March 16, 1994

Museum shop, Easter and Passover gift ideas 287-289

March 23, 1994

Selected Textile Acquisitions, 1988-1992, exhibition 274, 290-292

March 24, 1994

Dr. Charles Stuckey, Head of the Department of 20th Century Painting and Sculpture; Frances and Thomas Dittmer endowment for a curatorial chair as a part of AIC Board of Trustees capital campaign entitled The Second Century Fund: Securing Chicago’s Masterpiece; remarks by AIC Director and President James N. Wood 293-294

April 1994

Monthly Calendar

Reinstallation of Ancient Art Galleries in McKinlock Court; Robinson Glass Collection 295, 378; events 309

Continuing exhibitions, public programs, and lectures 296-301

April 4, 1994

Dr. Yutaka Mino, Head of Asian Art Department, resignation; comments by AIC Director and President James N. Wood 302-303

April 11, 1994

The Art of Horace Pippin, exhibition; Dr. Albert C. Barnes, collector 295, 304-308; exhibition venues 308; events 354-355

April 15, 1994

Kraft Education Center: Eric Beddows exhibition 301, 309-310

April 21, 1994

Spring book signing events at Museum shop featuring Judith Stein, Lynn H. Nicholas, Naomi Shihab Nye, Nancy Mathews, Eric Beddows, Annette Blaugrund, Meredith Etheringston-Smith, Eleni Fourtouni, Theodore E. Stebbins, Humphrey Wine 311-315

April 24, 1994

John James Audubon: The Watercolors for The Birds of America, exhibition from The New York Historical Society collection, venues and catalogue 316-320, 329

April 27, 1994

Museum shop, gift ideas for Mother’s Day 321-324

April 28, 1994

The Actor’s Image: Printmakers of the Katsukawa School, AIC publication by keeper of the Buckingham Print Collection Osamu Ueda 325-328

May 1994

Monthly Calendar

Italian Sculpture, 1860-1925, from the Gilgore Collection, exhibition 329, 337-339

The Golden Age of Florentine Drawing: from Leonardo to Volterrano, exhibition 329-330, 341-343, 379

Continuing exhibitions, public programs, and lectures 330-336

May 9, 1994

Italian Sculpture, 1860-1925, from the Gilgore Collection 329, 337-340, 380; Sheldon and Irma Gilgore 337, 339Chiseled with a Brush: Italian Sculpture, 1860-1925, from the Gilgore Collections, AIC publication by curator of European Decorative Arts Department Ian Wardropper 344-346

The Golden Age of Florentine Drawing: from Leonardo to Volterrano, exhibition 329-330, 340-343, 379

May 24, 1994

World Cup Soccer Games, Chicago Day, free museum admission 347-348

June 1994

Monthly Calendar

Continuing exhibitions, public programs, and lectures 350-353

June 2, 1994

AIC and SAIC Summer Programs with Chicago Park District, Horace Pippin outdoor workshop 354-355

June 6, 1994

Museum shop, Father’s Day gift ideas 356-360

Garden Restaurant, 14th season of Ray Bailey jazz quintet 361-362

June 8, 1994

Odilon Redon exhibition, installation and catalogue 372-375, 400; programs 368-372, 381

June 10, 1994

1994-1995 EXHIBITION SCHEDULE (376-389)

Galleries of Ancient Art in McKinlok Court, reinstallation by Ian Wardropper and John Vinci 295, 309, 378

Knotted Splendor: European and Near Eastern Carpets from the Permanent Collection, exhibition 383, 413, 422-426, 446

Dieter Appelt, photography exhibition 385, 475-476, 479-480, 486

Gustave Caillebotte: The Urban Impressionist, exhibition 386

Louis Sullivan and the Prairie School, exhibition 386

Bruce Goff, exhibition of the artist’s architectural archive and drawings from Architecture Department and AIC Ryerson and Burnham Libraries 387

June 20, 1994

Renzo Piano Building Workshop: Selected Projects, interactive exhibition, computer installation 382, 390-391

June 24, 1994

Goya: Truth and Fantasy, exhibition organized by Del Prado, Madrid and by Royal Academy of Arts, London, catalogue 382, 392-395; programs 396-399, 401, 408

July 1994

Monthly Calendar

New and continuing exhibitions, public programs, and lectures 402-407

July 22, 1994

Celebrating America: A Collection of Poems and Images of American Spirit, children’s book compiled by L. Whipple, AIC publication 409-410

July 26, 1994

Transforming Vision: Writers on Art, AIC publication 411-412, 435, 460

August 1994

Monthly Calendar

New and continuing exhibitions, public programs, and lectures 413-417

August 2, 1994

Illustrations by Leovigildo Martinez and Leyla Torres, exhibition 418-420, 492; Martinez and Matthew Gollub, book signing event 419

Up and Down, All Around, AIC video release for children 421

August 4, 1994

Knotted Splendor: European and Near Eastern Carpets, exhibition 413, 422-426; curator of Textile Department Christa Thurman 426; carpet adaptations in Museum shop 427-428, 446; Textile Department, funding 428

September 1994

Monthly Calendar

British Delft From Colonial Williamsburg, exhibition from collection of The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, VA, 429

Continuing exhibitions, public, programs, and lectures 439-433

September 12, 1994

Museum shop, 1994-1995 Holiday Gift Catalogue 434-437

Museum Studies, AIC periodical (vol. 20, no. 2), special issue featuring Winterbotham Collection of European Paintings 438-439

September 14, 1994

Karl Friedrich Schinkel, 1781-1841: The Drama of Architecture 384, 440-443, 463,486, 489, 501-502; installation 442-443; Stanley Tigerman 463; curators Kurt Foster, John Zukowsky 442-443; Exhibition of Karl Schinkel’s textile design, gift of Ruth Blumka in memory of John Maxon, comments by Christa Thurman 444-445486

September 20, 1994

Museum shop, Fall trunk shows: Minasian rugs, Halcyon Days Enamels, Limoges, Antique jewelry, Noguchi lamps, Caithness paperweights, Maximal Jewelry, Recife pens; Twilight Shopping 446-449

September 22, 1994

Julia Perkins, appointed Assistant Director for Community Programs in the Museum Education Department; Lila Wallace-Reader’s Digest Fund, Refocus/Resources Initiative for African-American community, funding 450-451

September 23, 1994

Architecture gallery, dedication in the name of Dr. Kisho Kurokawa (Japan); The Japan Foundation gallery endowment; lecture by the architect 452-454

September 28, 1994

Fall book signing events at the Museum shop featuring James Yood, Thomas Locker, Lois Ehlert and Sara Weeks, Victoria Lautman, Carlos Fuentes, Eleanor Dwight, Meryle Secrest 455-459; special event marking AIC publication of Transforming Vision: Writers on Art edited by Edward Hirsh; readings and book signing by Mark Strand, Reginald Gibbons, Jorie Graham, Li-Young Lee, Susan Mitchell, Gerald Stern, Gary Wills 460 (411-412, 435), 490; Festival of Children’s Books 461Bystander: A History of Street Photography, book by Joel Meyerowitz and AIC curator of Photography Colin Westerbeck 461, 503

September 29, 1994

Corporate Gift Program at the Museum shop 462a

October 1994

Monthly Calendar

Friedrich Schinkel, 1781-1841: The Drama of Architecture, installation by Stanley Tigerman 463

Continuing exhibitions, public programs, and lectures 463-471

October 7, 1994

Ryerson and Burnham Libraries, expansion and Reading Room restoration, comments by Director of AIC Libraries Jack Perry Brown; architectural firm of Shepley, Coolidge and Root; description of the 1901 original decor, Elmer E. Garnsey’s design and Louis J. Millet’s skylight; conversion of card catalogue into on-line computerized information system made possible by Rosenbaum Foundation, Rice Foundation, and Mellon Foundation; renovation of office and stack spaces, electronically operated storage system 472-474

October 18, 1994

Transforming Visions: Writers on Art, AIC publication edited by Edward Hirsch; evening of readings by Mark Strand, Reginald Gibbons, Jorie Graham, Li-Young Lee, Susan Mitchell, Gerald Stern, Gary Wills 460 (411-412, 435), 484-485, 490

October 19, 1994

Dieter Appelt Exhibition, events, seminar, SAIC Visiting Artists program, lecture by the artist 475-476Dieter Appelt, AIC publication by curator of Photography Sylvia Wolf, first English-language monograph on the artist 479-480, 486

November 1994

Monthly Calendar

Continuing exhibitions, public programs, and lectures 486-494

5th Annual Chicago Humanities Festival 488

November 4, 1994

“Wreathing the Lions” event at Museum’s main entrance 477, 481-483; second annual Christmas exhibition Glad Tidings of Great Joy coordinated by AIC deputy director Teri J. Edelstein, programs and lectures; Glad Tidings of Great Joy, AIC publication of Gospels481, 486, 495-496

November 8, 1994

American Arts Department, Henry Luce Foundation grant for major publication, fellowship, and research of the department holdings coordinated by Department curator Judith A. Barter 497-500

November 21, 1994

Lyric Opera of Chicago concerts in association with Karl Friederich Schinkel exhibition 501-502

December 1994

Monthly Calendar

New and continuing exhibitions, public programs, and lectures 503-510

Bystander: A History of Street Photography, exhibition and publication by Joel Meyerowitz and Colin Westerbeck 503

December 8, 1994

Three photography exhibitions: Bystander: A History of Street Photography; Joel Meyerowitz; Andre Kertez 511-512

December 27, 1994

African American History Month, 1995 events and program schedule 513-517; Joseph A. Yoakum exhibition 513-514


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