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Press Releases from 1996


Press releases from 1996

To obtain the full text of any news releases in this index, please contact the Institutional Archives at or (312) 443-4777.

January 1996

Monthly Calendar

Continuing exhibitions, public programs, and lectures 230-234

“Voices”, performance series 231, 236-237

Babatunde Olatunji, traditional African music 232

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Day Program 233

January 10, 1996

African History Month Programs 232-233, 235-237, 255

Tim Branson, artist demonstration 235

Spiritual Expressions, exhibition with African History Month program 235, 253, 271

January 24, 1996

Worlds Seen and Imagined: Japanese Screens from the Indemitsu Museum of Arts, Tokyo, exhibition and related programs; installation by Tadao Ando, winner of the 1995 Pritzker Prize for Architecture 238-250, 270, 293; Teacher program including lectures by curator of Asian Art Department Dr. Stephen Little and SAIC professor Stanley Murashige 245; exhibition dates 246; catalogue published by The Asia Society Galleries 249

February 1996

Monthly Calendar

Continuing exhibitions, public programs and lectures 251-255

El Greco’s Assumption of the Virgin, 90th anniversary of acquisition 252

February 5, 1996

Annette Messager, exhibition, SAIC Visiting Artists program, catalogue 250, 256-258

February 12, 1996

Martha Thorne, appointed Associate Curator in the Department of Architecture replacing Pauline Saliga 259-260

Contemporary British Architecture, exhibition organized by Royal Academy of Arts, London, related events, venues and catalogue; installation by Office of Nicholas Grimshaw 261-264, 268

February 29, 1996

America the Beautiful: Textiles from the Permanent Collection, exhibition 265-268

March 1996

Monthly Calendar

Continuing exhibitions, public programs, and lectures 269-273

Carlos Fuentes, Mexican performing art festival 271, 275

Sears Family Day, Japanese screen workshop by Anne Shimojima 273

March 7, 1996

Museum shop, book signing events featuring Li-Young Lee, Thacher Hurd, Carlos Fuentes, Valerie Steele, John Updike, Mark Strand 274-277, 297

March 13, 1996

Museum shop, trunk shows: Ukrainian Easter Eggs by Anna Chychula, Russian Lacquer 278-279, 286

March 15, 1996

Affinities: Chuck Close and Tom Friedman, exhibition, comments by curator of 20th Century Art Madeleine Grynsztejn 280-283, 288; Tom Friedman, SAIC Visiting Artists Program, lectures 282-283

March 18, 1996

Museum shop, Easter and Passover gift ideas 284-287

April 1996

Monthly Calendar

Continuing exhibitions, public programs, and lectures 289-292

Sears Family Story Hour with Beth Horner 290

Sears Family Day with Peter Blatchford 291

April 10, 1996

Japanese Ensemble, koto music performance in association with exhibition of Japanese screens from The Idemitsu Museum, Tokyo 293

May 1996

Monthly Calendar

Illustrations by James Ransome and John Steptoe, exhibition 294, 329

Alone in a Crowd: Prints by African American Artists of the 1930s-1940s from Reba and Dave Williams Collection, traveling exhibition organized by The Newark Museum and circulated by The American Federation of Arts (AFA) with support from Lila Wallace-Reader’s Digest Fund; lecture by Elizabeth Catlett 294, 297, 325

Since the Harlem Renaissance: Sixty Years of African American Art, exhibition of prints from Permanent collection 294, 349

Continuing exhibitions, public programs, and lectures 295-299

Sears Story Hour, Antonio Sacre 299

May 6, 1996

Splendors of Imperial China: Treasures from National Palace Museum, Taipei, exhibition co-organized by AIC and The Metropolitan Museum, N.Y., 323; symposium 340-342r; “Voices” program 337-338, 348; exhibition catalogue, related titles and items in the Museum shop 300-304Asian Art, AIC permanent collection catalogue (1993) 301Museum Studies (vol. 22, no. 1), AIC semiannual featuring Museum’s Asian Art collection, with essays by Dr. Stephen Little, Dr. P. Pal, and Betty Y. Siffert 301, 319-320

May 8, 1996

Museum Shop, wedding gift ideas 305-308

May 13, 1996

Building for Air Travel: Architecture and Design for Commercial Aviation, international exhibition, installation by Helmut Jahn 309-312; touring schedule and venues 312; catalogue 368

May 15, 1996

Roy DeCarava: A Retrospective, photography exhibition organized by The Museum of Modern Art, N.Y.; publication; the artist’s visit to AIC 313-316, 322, 332

Garden Restaurant, 16th Season of Ray Bailey jazz quintet 317, 326

May 27, 1996

Museum Studies (vol. 22, no. 1), AIC semiannual featuring Museum’s Asian Art Collection with essays by Dr. Stephen Little, Dr. P. Pal, Betty Siffert 319-320

June 1996

Monthly Calendar

D. H. Burnham and Mid-American Classicism, exhibition celebrating architect’s 150th anniversary, booklet 322, 332

Splendors of Imperial China, exhibition 323,332,337

Continuing exhibitions, public programs, and lectures 324-328

“Voices” program, music performance Alone in a Crowd in conjunction with the exhibition 325

June 17, 1996

Settlement of Trade Name Infringement Action, The Art Institute of Chicago (AIC) versus The Art Institute of Illinois; agreement in favor of AIC 330-331

June 24, 1996

Chicago’96: American Heritage programs for Democratic National Convention 332-333, 346, 348

July 1996

Monthly Calendar

African Abstraction: Dogon Figurative Sculpture, exhibition 334

Continuing exhibitions, public programs, and lectures 334-339

July 10, 1996

Chinese Art symposium in conjunction with Splendors of Imperial China exhibition 340-342r

With Open Eyes: Images from the Art Institute of Chicago, CD-ROM release awarded by American Association of Museums (AAM) 343-344; comments by Executive Director of AIC Imaging Department Alan Newman 343

August 1996

Monthly Calendar

Continuing exhibitions, public programs, and lectures 345-349

Kraft Education Center: Art Inside Out: Exploring Art and Culture Through Time, closing of four-year installation 347; Telling Images: Stories in Art, three-year installation, announcement 347, 359

August 19, 1996

Edward Horner, Jr., appointed Executive Vice President for Development and Public Affairs replacing Larry R. Ter Molen; statement by AIC Director and President James N. Wood and SAIC President Anthony Jones 350-351

Jeremy Strick appointed Frances and Thomas Dittmer Curator of the Twentieth-Century Painting and Sculpture Department 352-353

September 1996

Monthly Calendar

Degas: Beyond Impressionism, exhibition,ticket information 354; programs 397

Gloria in Excelsis Deo: Heralding a Vestment Collection, exhibition 355, 383,408; The Fifth Biennial Conference of Textile Society of America 355

Photographic work By Michiko Kon, Vik Muniz and Svetlana Kopystiansky, exhibition 355

Telling Images: Stories in Art, interactive installation 355

Illustrations by Trina Schart Hyman and Gary Kelley, exhibition 355

Portraits of Holocaust Survivors by Jeffrey Wolin, exhibition 356

The Subject is Music: Photographs from Permanent Collection, exhibition 356

Continuing exhibitions, public programs, and lectures 357-360

Sears Family Day, opening for Telling Images: Stories in Art installation 359

September 5, 1996

Kraft Education Center: Telling Images: Stories in Art, opening programs 361-364; installation by Stanley Tigerman 361; project director Jean Sousa 361; list of exhibited works from Permanent collection 362-363; McArthur Foundation grant 364

September 12, 1996

Twentieth-Century Painting and Sculpture, AIC publication of Permanent Collection catalogue with entries by Museum curators Daniel Schulman, Madeleine Grynszteyn, Audrey Fosse, Courtney Donnel, Margherita Andreotti, Gloria Groom 365-367

AIC publications: Degas, from AIC series Artist in Focus367Building for Air Travel 368, 377-379French and British Paintings from 1600 to 1800; Museum Studies, AIC semiannual, special issue titled Mary Raynolds and the Spirit of Surrealism 368-369, 413-415

September 18, 1996

Buildings for Air Travel: Architecture and Design for Commercial Aviation, programs 370-372; exhibition opening 373-376, 380; catalogue 368, 377-379

October 1996

Monthly Calendar

Continuing exhibitions, public programs, and lectures 380-385

Sears Family Day: Art of the Americas 383a

October 17, 1996

Museum shop featuring Buildings for Air Travel exhibition 386-389

October 31, 1996

Special fall events at the Museum shop, 6th Annual Festival of Children’s Books; Annual Wreathing of the Lions (397); Trunk Shows featuring Iwona Wisznievska of Kurt Adler Company; Colin Terris of Caithness Paperweights; Patricia Brenn glass ornament signing event; Twilight Shopping: Judith Jack Jewelry, Amber Jewelry, Patricia Locke Jewelry, Antique Jewelry, Blenko Glass, Aalto Glass, Robave Scarves, Jamey Barnard; Trunk Shows presentations by Richard Blenko of Blenko, Chuck Thill and Lee Nordgren of Dale Tiffany, Melissa Bandock of Iitala/Aalto Glass, Nick Cave and Jeffrey Roberts of Robave, and Jamey Barnard Accessories 390-394

November 1996

Monthly Calendar

New Lights on French and British Paintings from 1600-1800, exhibition 395

Continuing exhibitions, public programs, and lectures 395-400

17th Chicago Humanities Festival 397

Degas: Beyond Impressionism, exhibition related program by Gerald Arpino of Joffrey Balett 397

Sears Family Day: Wreathing of the Lions 398

November 12, 1996

6th Festival of Children’s Books at AIC 401-404

December 1996

Monthly Calendar

Exhibition of Prints by Lee Friedlander 405

Photography Exhibition of Ursula Schulz-Dornburg 405

Photography Exhibition of Joel Sternfeld 405

Sky’s the Limit: Works from Dunbar Vocational High School 405

Continuing exhibitions, public programs, and lectures 406-412

8th Annual “Day Without Art” 409

December 3, 1996

Museum Studies (vol. 22, no. 2), AIC semiannual titled Mary Reynolds and the Spirit of Surrealism with essays by Susan Godlewsky, Irene Hofman, Clare Kunny, et. al., 413-415


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